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  • Company: Noiselezz
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  • Price Range: ($83.93 – $98.4)
    Noiselezz® Original : $83.93
    Noiselezz® DL: $85.95
    Noiselezz PS®: $98.4

Noiselezz (Note: Same product like the SnoreMender, just a different name) is worn at night and is like a small, flexible mouthguard. It’s designed to stop snoring starting from the very first time you wear it. By holding the jaw slightly forward, it keeps the airway open and prevents snoring.

The Noiselezz permits normal breathing and even lets you open and close your mouth naturally while wearing it. It’s made from medical grade dental thermoplastic that is free from latex, silicone, phthalates and BPAs.

How Does the Noiselezz Mouthpiece Work?

To use the Noiselezz, just take it out of the box, put it in your mouth and go to sleep. This device does NOT require any boil-and-bite fitting. However, if you find that you need some adjustments to make the mouthpiece more comfortable, it is malleable after it’s placed in hot water. You can also trim any edges that stick out too far and melt them with the flame of a lighter to round out any sharp edges. Their website is very helpful and full of suggestions for modifying the Noiselezz if needed. That said, Noiselezz claims that this device should comfortably fit 98 percent of the population.

Clean your Noiselezz every morning. Use either denture cleaner or water with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The manufacturer also sells an exclusive cleansing powder called DentureBrite that they recommend for use on this device. After cleaning, leave the mouthpiece out to air dry and store flat inside the included storage case.

3 Types of Noiselezz Mouthpieces

The Noiselezz offers three different models. You can buy each Noiselezz mouthpiece model in a normal, hard or light version. The company recommends you start with normal and then change to another version if the normal one feels too lightweight. The models are:


1. Noiselezz Original

The Noiselezz Original should fit most people’s mouths right out of the box. It can be adjusted if necessary following the detailed instructions that are included with every purchase.


2. Noiselezz DL Delicate Lady

This model has the same characteristics of all other Noiselezz appliances, however it has a slimmer profile for less bulk and comes in a white color. This model only has one wall in front of the top teeth and one in back of the lower teeth. It’s not actually smaller than the others, but not having double walls makes for a less bulky feel that feels smaller in the mouth.


3. Noiselezz PS Pressure Shift Technology

Some users of the Noiselezz original complained of soreness on their front lower teeth because that’s where all of the pressure was distributed. The Noiselezz PS has been designed to distribute the pressure more evenly among the teeth for a more comfortable fit with less soreness. This product appears to be identical to the Snoremender 3 product, although Snoremender and Noiselezz are presented as two separate companies as far as I can tell.

Clean your Noiselezz every morning. Use either denture cleaner or water with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The manufacturer also sells an exclusive cleansing powder called DentureBrite that they recommend for use on this device. After cleaning, leave the mouthpiece out to air dry and store flat inside the included storage case.

Is it any good? Customer Feedback

“ I’m an open mouth snorer, and the mouth guard type just didn’t do me any good. I would open my mouth during sleep, and they would just fall out. This one moves with my jaws; when I close my mouth, it closes when I open my mouth it opens. And it stays in all night because I can’t open my mouth wide enough to allow it to fall out. ”
“ It did take some time getting use to, the sore jaw and teeth in the morning, but they are all that way. This is so simple in design. I found the material quite soft and haven’t had any issue with gum rubbing. And, it is so easy to clean. I just pour Listerine on it, rub it around, dry it off and it’s ready to go. ”
“ My wife says that my snoring is reduced 90 percent, and that’s the most important part!!! ”
“ I became accustomed to the lower jaw forward position by using a different MAD design than this one – a bulky sports mouth guard-like device, with an ‘allen’ wrench adjustment, which fell out of my mouth once or twice a night. Dissatisfied, I tried this product, which I much prefer as this is thinner, ‘lighter weight’ & has a wider/deeper lower jaw band, so it stays in my mouth all night…The first night it rubbed on a spot behind my lower teeth, so I followed their directions, heated a spoon in hot water & gently pressed outward on the troublesome area to make a bit of a gap, after five seconds of pressure it fit comfortably & has for two+ weeks. I plan to order a backup one soon. ”
“ There wasn’t any directions with it first off. It didn’t fit my mouth, and it really hurt my teeth and couldn’t keep it in my mouth. Then I thought that I should try to form it like I use to do to my football mouthpieces. Wrong answer! It shrunk up like a shrinky dink. I would never purchase this item again. My wife was pissed, and I didn’t get any sleep that night thanks to this product ”
“ This item hurt my gums and my jaw. The pain lasted for several days. I threw it away ”

Pros & Cons

  • Can be used right out of the box.
  • You can breathe through your mouth while wearing it.
  • You can move your mouth naturally thanks to the hinges.
  • The PS version is designed with pressure-shift technology to distribute the pressure evenly among your teeth, leading to less soreness after wearing.
  • It’s BPA and Latex Free
  • It’s easy to clean since it doesn’t have the nooks and crevices that molded devices have.
  • It has a 100 percent guarantee.

  • The Noiselezz is one size fits all. While the company claims it should fit 98 percent of the population, there’s no doubt that mouthpieces that offer multiple sizes have an advantage.
  • Takes time to get used to wearing it. This is common with all mouthpieces, but a lot of customers claim it took them several weeks of persistent wear to get used to this mouthpiece.
  • It doesn’t allow for incremental adjustment of the lower jaw advancement.
  • It’s not yet FDA approved.

Noiselezz FAQs:

What kind of guarantee does the Noiselezz have?

The Noiselezz comes with a 100 percent 45-day warranty.

Can I breathe through my mouth when wearing the Noiselezz?

Yes, you can breathe through your mouth when wearing this device. This mouthpiece has hinges that allow you to open and close and move your mouth normally during use. You can even talk and drink when you’re wearing this appliance.

Is it hard to get used to wearing the Noiselezz?

It typically takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get used to wearing any new mouthpiece, and the Noiselezz is no exception. Occasionally, you may notice tooth soreness after using the Noiselezz; this usually goes away quickly. It’s also possible that the Noiselezz may fall out of your mouth the first few times you use it; that also usually stops once you get used to wearing it. According to the company, this mouthpiece should fit 98 percent of the population.

How long does the Noiselezz last?

There’s no precise time because it depends on how the Noiselezz is used and cared for, but a Noiselezz will typically last for nine to 18 months. You’ll know it’s time to get a new one when it starts to lose effectiveness.

What material is the mouthpiece made from?

It’s made from medical-grade thermoplastic that’s free of latex, BPAs, phthalates and silicone.

Can I use this mouthpiece if I wear dentures?

You can wear the Noiselezz with dentures if it’s able to fit over them. You must keep your dentures in your mouth while wearing the Noiselezz. If you have gum disease or loose teeth, you shouldn’t use this device. However, it’s fine to wear after those problems are treated.

Can I use Noiselezz if I have dental implants?

The Noiselezz puts most of its pressure on the front bottom six teeth. If any of those teeth are implants, you shouldn’t use the Noiselezz because it may cause them to come loose.

About the Company

The patent for Noiselezz is attributed to Sonnie Ingemarsson-Matzen of Denmark, and it has distributors worldwide. It was developed by a dental surgeon and has undergone clinical trials in which it was found to reduce snoring and sleep apnea in the majority of research subjects. This company appears to be the same company as Snoremenders, or at least the Snoremenders also has a patent application from Sonnie Ingermarsson-Matzen, although I’m unable to find any clear explanation of the exact relationship between the two brands. The Snoremender 3 appears to be identical to the Noiselezz PS model.

Should You Buy a Noiselezz Mouthpiece?

The Noiselezz only comes in one size; while the Delicate Lady model may seem smaller when you wear it because it has less bulk than the other models, it isn’t actually any smaller in size in terms of mouth measurements. However, Noiselezz has a guarantee period during which you can return it if it doesn’t fit your mouth comfortably. It’s a good mouthpiece if you don’t want to be bothered with boil-and-bite fitting. It also has a slimmer profile than the devices you have to fit via boil-and-bite, which can make it more pleasant to wear.

The Noiselezz is an fine choice if you breathe through your mouth at night. Being able to breathe through your mouth is always a good thing because even if you aren’t a mouth breather, you might occasionally have nasal congestion that doesn’t give you any other choice.

If you have a very irregular bite, this may not be the best mouthpiece for you since it’s one-size-fits-all.

The Noiselezz isn’t yet FDA approved. It’s remarkably similar to the ZQuiet mouthpiece that has received FDA clearance. However, the Noiselezz is significantly cheaper than the ZQuiet. If money savings were my goal, I’d go with the Noiselezz because even though it’s not yet FDA-cleared, it is made from medical grade thermoplastic.

So while there’s nothing to rave about concerning this mouthpiece, it’s a good, basic anti-snoring mouthpiece.

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Noiselezz ® Snoring Mouthpiece | Full Review
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