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    SleepPro Easifit & Women  (~ $61.70)
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    SleepPro Contour (~ $131.27)
    SleepPro Custom (~ $239.38)

The SleepPro is a range of anti-snoring mouthpieces, or splints, from a U.K.-based company, but it’s available worldwide. All of their devices advance the lower jaw to help keep the airway open during sleep. SleepPro offers a choice of mouthpieces made from anti-microbial materials. The SleepPro anti-snoring mouthpiece has been around since 1998.

How Does the SleepPro Mouthpiece Work?

There are a few variations on this mouthpiece that I’ll discuss, but they all work in the same way. The SleepPro is a mandibular advancement device, in other words, it pushes your lower jaw forward while you sleep, creating more space in your airway to breathe through. This should have an immediate beneficial effected on snoring and even make it easier to breathe.

Their Products:

1. Starter Mouthpieces:

Their “starter” mouthpieces are designed for people who aren’t sure if mouthpieces are for them and want to try them before investing more money in a mouthpiece.

  • The Easifit & AM – This is the original SleepPro that uses boil-and-bite technology. It’s available in standard and antimicrobial materials (Blue or Clear color).
  • Woman – This pink mouthpiece is specially designed for women. I’m assuming that means it’s smaller than the Easifit, but SleepPro doesn’t specify whether that is indeed the case.

To use the SleepPro Easifit, Woman or Easifit AM mouthpieces, you have to mold it before you can wear it, using the boil-and-bite method. To do this:

  1. Bring water to a boil and pour it into a mug to sit for one minute.
  2. Put the entire mouthpiece into the hot water and leave it there for two minutes to soften.
  3. After taking it out of the water, check that it’s not too hot to put into your mouth.
  4. Place the SleepPro on your lower teeth first, and then gently bite down. It’s highly advisable to use a mirror to make sure you have the mouthpiece properly centered.
  5. While biting down, shift your lower jaw forward slightly. The total bite time should be about 30 seconds. You’ll know your jaw has shifted forward enough because the air hole insert will raise up like a drawbridge.
  6. Finally, use your index finger to press the mouthpiece against your teeth, helping it to mold to them. Use your tongue to push the mouthpiece against your teeth, paying particular attention to the lower front teeth. Take the mouthpiece out and place it into cold water to harden.

The molding process can be repeated, if necessary, in fact, the company recommends molding it a second time to get the best fit. If you don’t experience an immediate improvement in your snoring the first time you use it, you should remold the mouthpiece. You may need to push your jaw out further. Conversely, if your jaw is sore after wearing your SleepPro, they recommend that you remold the mouthpiece but don’t push your jaw out as far as before. You can remold the SleepPro as many times as you like although it may become more rigid after the fifth time.

To clean your SleepPro, wash it with clean water and a toothbrush. Don’t use toothpaste because it’s too abrasive for this material and can make it vulnerable to staining. SleepPro advises that denture clear can degrade the plastic over time so use it with caution. SleepPro sells their own brand of cleaning tablets that have been shown to be gentle on the SleepPro’s plastic.

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3. Adjustable Appliance: SleepPro Contour

This mouthpiece is adjustable beyond boil-and-bite fitting; it comes with seven pairs of tension straps that allow you to customize the lower jaw advancement without having to remold the mouthpiece.

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4. Bespoke Mouthpieces : SleepPro Custom

This is the most expensive SleepPro mouthpiece, but it’s still significantly less costly than paying for a dentally-fitted device. When you order, you’ll receive a professional dental impression kit that you use at home. You then send in the impression and in a few days, you’ll receive your custom made anti-snoring You’ll receive a 20 percent discount if you are a previous SleepPro customer.

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Reviews from

“ With this mouthpiece the snoring has completely stopped, thank goodness. But as you’ll see in other reviews, it’s not all a bed of roses. Been four weeks now and I’m just about used to it. But it’s not wholly pleasant, get ready for a sore mouth and a drooly pillow! Small price to pay for a mended marriage, though. ”
“ This product works, however after using it for over a month it keeps falling off my mouth, it might be because I molded it for too many times. ”
“ When my husband first used this I thought I had found the answer to my prayers! But it does constantly need resetting as after a few nights in his mouth it has lost its shape and he does complain about it hurting his teeth a lot. Still it does actually stop the snoring! 🙂 ”
“ I followed the instructions to the letter, molded the device to the shape of my mouth n have used it for four days and Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I am writing this from the spare bedroom !! ”
“ Whilst it may stop snoring, and in my case it did for the time I wore it, I found it to be extremely uncomfortable, in fact, it was painful wearing it. I used the mouthpiece for around three weeks before giving up on it. ”
“ Solved my husband’s snoring instantly, OK it needs remolding every now and again but defiantly worth it. ”
“ Still testing at the moment but seems to be working as described. Will continue to use and hope for improved results. ”

Pros & Cons

  • Boil and bite fitting can be done unlimited times.
  • You can breathe through your mouth while wearing it.
  • They offer an anti-microbial material option.
  • Long lifespan compared to some other mouthpieces.
  • There’s a range of options to choose from.
  • The Sleep Tight model is FDA approved.
  • They are all BPA and Latex Free
  • The company has been in business since 1998.
  • It has a 30-day guarantee, except for the Custom which provides a 50 percent refund within 45 days.

  • The customer has to pay for return shipping if they decide the product isn’t for them. Also, the Custom device can only be partially refunded.
  • Can be difficult to fit. Many users stay they had to remold the mouthpiece many times (this does not include the Custom mouthpiece).
  • Tends to fall out of the mouth (this does not include the Custom mouthpiece).

SleepPro FAQs:

What kind of guarantee does the SleepPro have?

The starter and SleepPro mouthpieces and the SleepPro Contour have 30-day guarantee period. However, the custom mouthpiece has a 45-day limited guarantee period. It sounds like you may be able to receive a 50 percent refund on it if you return it within 45 days. That said, the wording on the website is fairly complicated. If you’re very concerned about the guarantee, it’s best to contact SleepPro to confirm the details based on the particular product you’re interested in buying. In any case, you have to pay for the cost of return shipping.

Can I breathe through my mouth when wearing the SleepPro?

Yes, you can breathe through your mouth when wearing this device. A tab insert is used during molding to create an air hole for mouth breathing.

Is it hard to get used to wearing the SleepPro?

You can expect to take a few nights to a few weeks to get used to wearing the SleepPro during sleep. There can be some soreness of the jaw and teeth, and excessive drooling isn’t uncommon at first. The SleepPro website offers comprehensive assistance in troubleshooting any discomfort you might experience while wearing your SleepPro.

How long does the SleepPro last?

It depends on how the SleepPro is used and cared for, but SleepPro reports that some of their customers replace theirs every six months while others only replace theirs once every two years.

What material is the mouthpiece made from?

I was unable to find specifics about what materials are in these mouthpieces, but they are all BPA and latex free.

About the Company

SleepPro is based in the United Kingdom, and all of their products are manufactured there. They sell their products throughout the world and have distribution systems in Europe, Australasia, the Far East and North America. That way customers don’t have to wait for their product to be delivered from abroad.

SleepPro products are recommended by clinics and hospitals. In the United Kingdom, they’re tested and recommended by many hospitals that practice sleep medicine.

Should You Buy a SleepPro Mouthpiece?

The SleepPro starter devices are inexpensive and can be a good place to start if you’re new to mouthpieces. If you’re worried about germs from wearing the same device in your mouth night after night, you might like the SleepPro because you can choose a mouthguard made from anti-microbial materials.

If you find that the starter mouthpiece works for you, you can then receive a 20 percent discount off the cost of the Custom SleepPro, which is custom molded to your teeth and has a slim profile that’s more comfortable to wear. However, the Starter devices seem to take a lot of troubleshooting or maybe even just plain luck to get the positioning just right, and you may spend a lot of time remolding your SleepPro. The more expensive Contour version lets you make incremental adjustments using tension straps, so that sounds like an easier way to get a good fit.

If you think you’d like to get the more expensive Custom mouthpiece eventually, then it makes sense to get started with a Starter device from SleepPro so that you can benefit from the discount.

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SleepPro ® Snoring Mouthpiece | Full Review
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