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The SnoreRx is a highly-adjustable mouthpiece that’s been FDA approved for use as an anti-snoring device. This mouthpiece holds the lower jaw slightly forward to allow for an unobstructed airway and, therefore, less snoring. It is the only mouthpiece that can be adjusted in increments of 1 mm. This helps to eliminate any strain on the jaw during use. Some other mouthpieces are adjustable but only within a few pre-set positions. According to SnoreRx, improper positioning of the jaw can cause TMJ and other discomfort. The SnoreRx has been designed to avoid this. The SnoreRx also allows for breathing through the mouth and is made from medical grade materials. According to data collected by the company, they have more than a 90 percent satisfaction rate from their customers.

How does the SnoreRx work?

The SnoreRx looks somewhat complicated the first time you see it, mainly due to its calibration features. When you receive your SnoreRx, first you need to fit it using the boil-and-bite technique. Then you need to adjust the positioning of the lower jaw piece. Here’s how you set it up:

  1. Bring water to a boil in a microwave.
  2. Place the SnoreRx into the boiled water for 90 seconds, then remove.
  3. Dip the SnoreRx into a bowl of cool water to make sure there’s no hot water left on the device that will burn your mouth. You should dip it quickly for about two to three seconds. You need the materials to still be soft and pliable.
  4. Place the device into your mouth and bite down firmly for 30 seconds to create a mold of your teeth.
  5. Take the SnoreRx out of your mouth and put it into the bowl of cool water for about 1 minute to help set the mold.

You can refit the SnoreRx up to 3 times if the first impression wasn’t made to your satisfaction. Just repeat all of the steps above.


To calibrate the SnoreRx:

Move the lower tray forward click by click until it’s in the position you want it to be in.  Check that both sides of the mouthpiece are showing the same number. The SnoreRx’s patented Posi-Lock feature keeps your setting locked into place. However, you can adjust the jaw positioning of your SnoreRx as many times as you like.

Customer Feedback:

Is the SnoreRx any good? The following reviews are from the SnoreRx website, but it seems no matter where I look, the reviews are favorable:

“No snoring at all starting on the first night used and going on two months. No soreness to report. This product works perfectly for me. – Mick in Ohio.”
“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, this product was truly a life-saver. – Jan in California”
“I feel more rested than in years and my wife has noticed that I did not snore allowing her to sleep well also. I am very pleased with the unit. – Lonnie in Indiana.”
“I tried almost every product out there and I will tell you from personal experience that this product does function as described. After a few days I was telling my neighbor about it, only to find out he got his SnoreRx a month ago and loves it! – Joe in Florida.”
“Amazing! It stopped my husband’s snoring instantly! We can sleep in the same room again! I recommend this to anyone who lives with a snorer. – Heidi in Indiana.”
“I have tried all the many competitor’s products and NONE are as effective as SnoreRx. – Gary in California.”
“The price, appearance and the custom ‘moldability’ of the product seemed to resemble a professional grade appliance. I am truly, truly thankful for your product and hope it continues to work as effectively in the future as it has worked so far. – Duayne in Washington.”
“While the device took time to get used to wearing at night, it actually worked. Thanks again for making such a great product! – Janice in Georgia.”

Pros & Cons

  • The jaw advancement can be calibrated in increments of 1 mm. This allows for a very customized, comfortable fit.
  • The boil-and-bite fitting allows for a snug placement of the mouthpiece during sleep.
  • Allows for breathing through the mouth.
  • SnoreRx is FDA approved as a safe and effective anti-snoring mouthpiece.
  • SnoreRx has a 30-day guarantee
  • Is made from BPA-free, hypoallergenic, medical grade materials.

  • While SnoreRx does provide a 30-day guarantee, you will need to pay for the return shipping if you decide the product doesn’t work for you, and your original shipping cost won’t be refunded.
  • It can take time to get used to wearing this device. Drooling and soreness are typical the first few times you wear the SnoreRx.
  • Since it only comes in one size, it may not fit every mouth comfortably.
  • You can’t wear the SnoreRx if you wear full dentures since it needs to sit on teeth to stay in place during sleep.


Does the SnoreRx have a guarantee?

Yes, it has a 30-day guarantee. You must return the device within 30 days after receiving it in order to be issued a refund. The company doesn’t refund shipping costs.

How should I clean the SnoreRx?

Simply clean your device with a toothbrush, toothpaste and some warm water. You could also use denture cleaning solution if you’d like. SnoreRx recommends cleaning their mouth piece one or two times a week. Also, make sure that you allow the SnoreRx to dry thoroughly after use each day to prevent any bacteria buildup.

Does the SnoreRx have any side effects?

The SnoreRx typically has an adjustment period of three to five uses. During this time, you may experience soreness of the jaw, teeth and gums. This is normal and should go away after the first week or so.

Is SnoreRx safe?

Yes. The SnoreRx has FDA clearance to be sold as a safe and effective treatment for snoring. It’s made from medical grade materials and is hypoallergenic and BPA free. Additionally, none of its components pose a choking hazard due to their large size.

How long does it last?

SnoreRx should last from 12 to 18 months with regular use. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, it may not last as long.

About the Company

The SnoreRx is brought to us by a company called Apnea Science Corporation and is sold in almost 40 countries worldwide. The company is headed by James Fallon, who partnered with engineers and an FDA consultant to design and develop the SnoreRx.

The SnoreRx and all of its components are made in Southern California, USA.

Should you buy the SnoreRx?

The SnoreRx is an excellent choice if your snoring is caused by throat obstruction. It’s FDA approved, made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials and BPA free. But what really sets it apart is the adjustability of the jaw calibration. It can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 6 mm, allowing you to find the fit that’s the most comfortable for you. This is important because if your jaw is advanced too far forward, the strain on your jaw can lead to the development of TMJ or at the least, jaw pain. The main downside of the SnoreRx is that it only comes in one size, so if you have a relatively small mouth, it may not fit comfortably. However, based on information gathered by SnoreRx over three years, more than 90 percent of their customers were happy with their purchase.

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SnoreRx ® Snoring Mouthpiece | Full Review
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