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If you’re looking to catch some happy Z’s, Zyppah wants to be the mouthpiece that helps you to do it. The quirk-sounding name is actually ‘happy z’ spelled backward. It’s a dentist-designed, hybrid mouthpiece that also stands out from the rest with its selection of colors: There’s green and black, pink and white and even an army green camo-look mouthpiece.

Zyppah claims to be the only anti-snoring mouthpiece that combines two methods of snore reduction in one device.

How Does the ZYPPAH Mouthpiece Work?

The Zyppah works by doing two things at once:

  1. Stabilizing your tongue. This mouthpiece has a stabilizing strap that prevents the tongue from falling back and obstructing your throat.
  2. Holding your jaw slightly forward. The lower jaw repositioning, or mandibular advancement, helps to reduce airway obstruction during sleep.

Both features of the Zyppah mouthpiece work to increase airflow while you sleep and, therefore, reduce or eliminating snoring. You need to keep your mouth closed while you wear it, but it has air holes that allow you to breathe through your mouth during use.

The Zyppah is a boil-and-bite mouthpiece to provide a custom fit for your mouth and to keep the mouthpiece in place during the night. Moulding the mouthpiece to your teeth is the only step you need to take as far as adjusting the Zyppah. In fact, the company doesn’t think user adjustability is a good idea in general.

You can clean your Zyppah with a toothbrush and soap or with denture cleaner. Zyppah also sells a cleaner called SNAP you can use that destroys 99.9 percent of all bacteria. Once it’s dry, store your mouthpiece in the protective case that comes with it.

Is it any good? Zyppah Customer Feedback

“ Lightning fast shipping. Great seller but the product just didn’t work for me ”
“ Got it early it’s what I wanted and it’s awesome ”
“ It’s all right, not overly comfy wife said, but seems to work. Not disappointed. ”
“ My wife said she heard no snoring coming from me when she let the dog out for his early morning bathroom break. ”
“ One side of the band broke off about a month after I had it. We called for another one, mentioning their 90-day warranty, and guess what? First they said they would replace it, and I would have it in 7 to 10 business days. Two weeks later when we called, I got an email saying they were investigating it, and they could not find me anywhere in their records. ”
Sherry O.

Pros & Cons

  • The boil-and-bite fitting allows for a snug placement of the mouthpiece during sleep.
  • Holds the tongue stable and gently pulls the jaw forward to keep the airway obstruction free.
  • Allows for breathing through the mouth.
  • FDA approved as a safe and effective anti-snoring mouthpiece.
  • It’s made from BPA-free, silicone-like material.
  • Has a 90-day guarantee
  • The Zyppah has a slim profile that makes it comfortable to wear.

  • You will need to pay for the return shipping if you decide the product doesn’t work for you and your original shipping cost won’t be refunded.
  • It can take time to get used to wearing this device. Drooling and soreness are typical the first few times you wear the Zyppah.
  • Since it only comes in one size, it may not fit every mouth comfortably.
  • You can’t wear the Zyppah if you wear full dentures since it needs to sit on teeth to stay in place during sleep.
  • Can’t be used if you have TMJ

Zyppah FAQs:

What kind of guarantee does the Zyppah have?

The Zyppah comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. They offer you some flexibility, though; according to their website, if you think you’ll need more than 90 days to adjust to the mouthpiece for an accurate indication of whether or not it’s the mouthpiece for you, call their customer service to let them know. They’ll also add an extra 90 days to your trial period if you purchase the SNAP cleanser.

How often do I need to replace the Zyppah?

Zyppah states that their mouthpiece will last months with proper care. They don’t specify how many months, though. Mouthpieces made from medical-grade thermoplastic, which is a silicone-like material, often stretch with continued use. To keep firmly holding the jaw forward, you may need to replace your mouthpiece every four to six months.

Can I wear this mouthpiece if I have dentures?

You can’t use the Zyppah if you have full dentures since the mouthpiece is designed to be held in place by the teeth. If you are missing a few teeth or have partial dentures, you can probably use the Zyppah as long as you have enough teeth present to hold it in place. If you have dental implants, you should let them settle for a year before wearing the Zyppah or any other mouthpiece.

Do I have to keep my mouth closed when wearing the Zyppah?

In most cases, yes. If the mouth falls open at night, the mouthpiece could fall out. The Zyppah needs to be firmly in place for the tongue strap to hold the tongue in the right position. They suggest that if you have a problem with your mouth falling open at night, you can use an inexpensive chin strip to help.

Is it hard to get used to wearing the Zyppah?

If you aren’t accustomed to sleeping with a mouthpiece, it’ll take a little time to get used to it. Most people need about one to two weeks to adjust. Zyppah recommends following a simple one-minute plan for first-time users to slowly adapt to wearing the Zyppah. They theorize that if you wear it for just one minute as often as possible, you’ll get used to it in no time at all.

Is the Zyppah FDA cleared?

Yes, it’s FDA cleared and is made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials.

About the Company

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece was designed by a dentist and bioengineer named Jonathan Greenburg, who invented the hybrid concept anti-snoring mouthpiece. During his years of practice, he noticed that most mouthpieces failed to address the tongue, which relaxes during sleep and falls back, blocking the airway. He developed the Zyppah to combine mandibular advancement and tongue stabilization to help to alleviate snoring. Zyppah received FDA approval in December 2011 and is patent-pending. Zyppah also produces prescription-only versions of its anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Should You Buy a Zyppah Mouthpiece?

The Zyppah is a great choice if your snoring is caused by throat obstruction because it’s FDA approved, made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials and BPA free. It’s been on the market since 2011 and has a good reputation. Since it’s a hybrid device, it may be more effective against snoring since it addresses the two causes of throat obstruction during sleep.

Users claim it has a slim profile so it may not feel as bulky in your mouth at night. The 90-day guarantee is more than enough time to determine whether or not the Zyppah mouthpiece will work for you. If you want an anti-snoring mouthpiece that addresses two causes of snoring at once, the Zyppah is a good bet.

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ZYPPAH ® Snoring Mouthpiece | Full Review
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